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Khloe Kardashian - Winners for Jewelry Giveaway

Hey loves!

It’s time to announce the winners of my jewelery giveaway!

The three winners won a charm bracelet, statement necklace, and gorgeous earrings each! Congrats to these amazing ladies for winning, I absolutely loved what you three wrote about what makes you feel confident. Make sure to check your email about how to claim your prize!

The winners:

Adaradella92: Thank you for reading this Khloe!! :) I feel the most confident when I am wearing a fierce outfit and took the time to do my hair and makeup. A bright red lip or bright gold accessories can really make me feel polished, and put together. And then I feel much more confident and ready to take on the day. I love you Khloe, and never win anything so I really hope you pick me! Even if I can’t afford designer brands, I can still look good and feel confident when I look in the mirror!

Eydie: To simply put it…What makes me feel confident is ME! No matter what I have on rather it be sweats and tennis or stilettos and a fierce dress; makeup or a fresh face as long as “I” am comfortable and feel good about the way I am representing myself…that is what makes me feel confident. Thanks for the opportunity Khloe!

Johana: Number one…Being the best mom and dad that I can be. Accepting my flaws, my past…Looking in the mirror with no makeup, or clothes and telling myself I am beautiful this is the way god created me and Im one of a kind. Walking into a room full of people not having to impress anyone, despite money, not having the most expensive clothes or shoes. Confidence comes from inside, not from compliments or financial status. it can’t be bought… it’s only learned through life and believing it your self. I am confident because Im worth it!

These comments were everything to me and it made me feel so happy to read what all of you had to say! You all are so special and wonderful and I couldn’t have asked for better fans!!

I’ll have more giveaways coming up soon! In the meantime, you can shop all the looks online!

Fab charm bracelets: kisses charm bracelet, classic heart charm and padlock charm.

Sexy statement necklaces: pyramid necklacetwo sided-section necklace, and chain mail choker necklace.

Fun and flirty earrings: edgy studs, crystal earrings, and hoops.

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Comments (5)

  1. avatar
    SherBear |  Posted on Jan 28th

    Beautiful we are!!!

  2. Abdul Aziz |  Posted on Jan 29th

    Theris no deffarnet btwan black and white women

  3. avatar
    RomyLaRosh |  Posted on Jan 29th

    Hi lovely lovely Chloe,

    I Really Don’t know how i could get in touch with you,
    the first thing i need to say is that im so proud of you.
    I know what you’re going through,
    you are a really strong person and your always positive.
    last year i lost someone very important to me,
    she look so much like you the same sense of humor, the same love. you are both very special.
    You really don’t know what you’ve done for me.I really really wanna thank you
    iknow that you get this mails everyday i guess you do not read it because you have so much to do.
    but i wanted to really like to say that i love you look up to you and hope to meet you one day.
    next year i go to LA, i will do everything to see you once in real.

    you’re the most powerful women i know, do what you do stay especially as you are.
    sorry for the bad english, Im from Amsterdam And do my best :).
    when you see someone you love never again its sad, but when is see you on tv or pictures of movies its make me happy because it seems that person is still with you.

    Thanks for everything, when im in LA i have some very special thing for you.
    i love you Khloe and your like a new sister for me <3

    Big kisses and a hug form me <3

  4. avatar
    princejarvis |  Posted on Jan 30th

    Congrats to the winners!!!!!

  5. avatar |  Posted on May 6th

    Dear Khloe,
    There has never been a person who has made such an impact on my life in such a way that you have. As I am only one of your millions of fans, I would feel remiss, if only me, that without your openess, honesty and without a doubt the
    vulnerbility in sharing it with your family and friends….you have also shared yourself with me, along with so many that have never had the courage to acknowledge, accept and aide your lifes partner into which you were so unfamiliar with.
    The strenghten, your unconditional love and selflessness that you have is evident. I actually felt that I was not alone and that there is no discrimination, I admire you from. Thank you for allowing our worlds to meet. Where fame, stardom nor money could ease. I appriciate the what so few would, you made my world of lonliness not so lonely.

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