A Typical Kardashian Reunion

Here are some pics from when I first saw Kim and Kourt after arriving at the hotel. They were hiding in the lobby when I walked in and jumped out in an attempt to scare me. Kourt sometimes forgets that she’s littler than me, so I of course had to show her who’s boss. I love these pics. They’re so typical of me and my sisters :)

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    KUWTK fan |  Posted on Dec 4th, 2010

    I bumped in here while wondering on the net. I am regular viewer of kardashians on E. While watching the show when i saw u guys wrestling and hitting on each others asses and stuff i thought u r doing all that for the show. But after seeing these pics today I realized u guys r really like that. Thats funny and damn close with siblings. Hope to see the new season of kardashians fast. TV watching is now boring without u guys.

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    ekky |  Posted on Dec 6th, 2010

    in love , u guys mke peeps wivout sibling jealous

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