A Great Summer Deal!

Khloe Kardashian - Great Summer Deal!
Hey dolls! Me and Lamar’s amazing perfume, ‘Unbreakable’, is going on sale for one day! Starting today, and ending tomorrow night at midnight, our perfume is 25% off at Perfumania!! Just use the code KARDASH25 to get the deal! XOXO

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  1. Tya Lewis |  Posted on Jul 31st, 2013

    Too cute!!! Check out my blog http://youngbeautifulandfrugal.blogspot.com/

  2. mariana15 |  Posted on Jul 31st, 2013

    I had this opportunity and I will try to the end! #KhloeKardashianGlowContest

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    Edweena |  Posted on Aug 15th, 2013

    I want to tell Khloe, I am a native American woman and I think you are awesome. Regarding Lamar, its too bad he cant see the good in someone like you who is a hope for somebody doing the right thing in todays trashy society. He belongs to trash so will only flock with what he knows best, and his best is far below your standards. You deserve the best sweety, Some man will appreciate your values and your beauty. Chin up.

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    mgh13 |  Posted on Aug 27th, 2013

    I heard on the radio this morning that allegedly your husband is using and that you and he are separated. I am not sure how true the reporting is but I wanted to share my experience with you. My husband relapsed last winter. It was a nightmare. I struggled with him throughout this entire year until finally in June I realized that I had to start to help myself. I had to have him arrested and I packed my things and moved but I did not file for divorce. Everyone has an opinion on how we should deal with this situation but ultimately it is our decision. I felt so lost and alone when everything first happened. My husband was in jail, I had to put a temporary restraining order on him, I couldn’t speak to him. I was just empty. But after a few weeks when I knew the drugs were out of his system, I reached out to him. He was released from jail and went into treatment and now we are slowly working on our marriage. Addiction is a scary thing and it’s easy for people to say what you should and shouldn’t do. Just know that you are not alone and I hope and pray that you remain strong throughout this time. If we remain with them then we must recognize that they will fight addiction for the rest of their lives, and we must also accept the reality that we may one day have to leave them. That is probably what is the harshest reality; the idea that I may need to divorce the man I love, not because I no longer love him but because his addiction is unhealthy for me…but I am not ready to give up on my marriage. Praying for your peace of mind and that you guys come out of this stronger. <3

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    MollyRathbun |  Posted on Aug 27th, 2013

    Khloe, I just signed up and don’t know where to post. I hope you see my comment. I want to tell you that I have been praying for you and Lamar since I first heard there was a marital problem. I am praying even more for you both with the news about Lamars problems with substances. You might be able to help Lamar by seeking out Christian counseling for the problems you are both going through. You are now one flesh based on biblical teachings as a first married couple. God wants your marriage to work. Please pray Khloe and seek out a good Christian counselor that Lamar feels really good about. If you get into the word of God together I know He will help Lamar with his addiction and with restoring the marriage. Tell Lamar that biblically, he can’t ever be married again in Gods eyes now that he had an affair, But you can forgive him and restore your marriage fully. If your faith isn’t as sure as his is, then grow closer to Christ as a couple and grow closer on your own. Rely on God above all others in this situation. God also tells us to cleave to our spouse and leave our parents. Don’t allow your parents to get overly involved with you or with your husband. You are now one flesh with Lamar. Find a pastor who is really into the gospel, maybe find a cool black pastor that Lamar and you can both relate to. Don’t rely on medical rehab if there isnt a Christian component to it. If you have to design a program yourself that includes medical care and spiritual care, remember that Lamar is a saved Christian. He will probably respond to the word of God much more than doctors. There is a redemption plan that goes way beyond the 12 steps and AA meetings, so if he does one of those ways make sure he has full involvement and reliance on someone of faith that he trusts. Your marriage can grow and heal. I love you guys as a couple and I believe in you Khloe. You are a great wife. You guys needs a spiritual advisor that works with addiction that is a Christian. 30 day rehabs that are medical have a high relapse rate. He needs 90 days and all the support you can give him. Stand strong against parents trying to take over the situation. Cleave to your husband like God tells us in the bible.

    You’ve been a wonderful wife to him and you guys are a beautiful couple. Ask Lamar if he would like to speak to a pastor and see if he knows of someone he likes. I think that might help.

    Totally forgive him. Love him and support him. I have been praying for you two as a married couple since I heard you were experiencing problems I prayed for you both to have a baby and still will do that for after he is recovered. Go to church with your sister and get support from Kourtney and Scott. They have been through addiction and are doing so much better. Get as much spiritual help as you can. Keep it as private as possible, The gospel will also help to rehab Lamars image. Everyone understands that Jesus forgives and lets us start over.

    I will keep praying for you and I hope you get this advice. Ask Lamar would he feel more comfortable seeing a pastor for the marital issues instead of therapy? He will probably feel more comfortable.

    Love you guys and I know you can make it with Gods help.

    Prayers and love to your both,

  6. Michelle Gratton |  Posted on Aug 28th, 2013

    hi khloe idk if what they r saying is true and don’t want to no but if it is ive been there my x husband was addicted to crack and it was hard but u can make it through but u have 2 b very careful because of who u r u need someone u can trust 100000% someone u can talk 2 anytime day or nite someone that wont sell what u tell them or tell anyone else they need to no how to keep what u say 2 them 2 themselves and that helps it helped me don’t let anyone talk u into something follow ur heart
    my heart and prayers r with u take care of urself

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    nyrazar22 |  Posted on Sep 1st, 2013

    Hi Khloe, My name is Linda Baumgarten I love to watch your show and the whole family. I feel like I know so much about you guys. I know what your going through right now with your husband, and I know just how hard that is to go through, My husband of 30 years has had the same problems for a long time, It has not been an easy road at all for me or him. He has had some DUIs had the device put into his truck you name it he still drinks every day. When we got married and said our vales and when I said for better and for worst and in SICKNESS and HEALTH, that took in his drinking for he was sick. I said that I would hold him up and I have. As I have said it has not been easy and I don’t live in the world for everyone to watch what I do, But it is not about anyone else but you and Lamar’s life and how you will be there for him while he is sick and needs you more now then later. You are a strong woman and it shows don’t throw your marriage out just yet. Be there your him and someday he will be there for you also. I’m praying for you and Lamar to get through this time and hold each other up. May God bliss you Linda

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    thera |  Posted on Sep 9th, 2013

    Good Morning Mrs. Odom. I am writing to you all the way from the Bahamas. Firstly; I would like to comment on you that I believe your are a beautiful person and your soul is the exact way. I watch your show as much as I can and you always appear to be a level headed person with a sweet heart. I have no way of confirming whether or not the information in the media is true or false; but I do know that if you trust in God all things will be well. Never mind the noise in the market take care and be true to yourself. And one more thing every negative comment, gesture, thought, any form of action anyone does to you just know this “dog do not bark at park car”. That’s a famous song in the Bahamas. Your doing something with your life, constantly moving and progressing. Keep Your Head Up Tomorrow Will Be A brighter day.

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    HeneOXX |  Posted on Jul 31st, 2013

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