• Khloe Kardashian - 2014 Inspiration
  • Khloe Kardashian - 2014 Inspiration
  • Khloe Kardashian - 2014 Inspiration
  • Khloe Kardashian - 2014 Inspiration

Khloe Kardashian - 2014 Inspiration

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    jenniferd67 |  Posted on Jan 3rd

    Beautiful Khloe!

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      Linda090 |  Posted on Jan 6th

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    princejarvis |  Posted on Jan 3rd

    Happy New Year 2014 Khloe!!! Love you so much!!! #NewYear #NewBeginnings

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    pookiepoo |  Posted on Jan 4th

    KHLOE, get your a$$ back on this blog and start responding to people who truly care about YOU!

    We all know that you’re in pain over this whole Lamar issue, I’m at the point where I can’t stand him, but my nature is to never hate/dislike anyone. We all have our faults, but I do respect your decision to go through with a divorce. Do you girl, you look GREAT! I’m sure your heart aches, but just know in due time…….this too shall pass!

    Much love girl!

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    ViviB |  Posted on Jan 5th

    Hi Khloe, I am 35, from Norway and I watch you show all the time. I have never written on any blog before, but I just want to tell you that I think you are so beautiful and strong and you are such an inspiration. I love your familiy too:) I have thought about you a lot and what you are dealing with, and I am so impressed by you.
    I am a bit sad today, by boyfriend told me last night that he is missing the spark in our relationship and he wants to move out. I hope it works out, he is my Whole life.
    I wish all the best for 2014 for you:) Love Vivi

  5. Jon Kossow |  Posted on Jan 5th

    My Everything

    Have you ever listened
    To the sound of a voice
    That penetrates you deeply
    Leaves you no choice

    But to follow the words
    All the way down
    Sinking deeper and deeper
    As you hear the sound

    Picture yourself
    Falling under, spinning in space
    Not knowing the bottom or top
    Up and down has no place

    Find yourself
    In the most comfortable state
    Where boundries disappear
    And inhibitions are erased

    After you’ve been there
    You won’t want it to end
    The place of unlimited pleasure
    A lover and a friend

    Let it all go
    Feel everything that there is to feel
    As you picture it in your mind
    Make it more and more real

    The more you think about
    How good it is going to be
    The more it will give you unbelievable pleasure
    And set you forever free

    Only one voice can accomplish this
    See, listen and feel between your sighs
    You have your own reasons for deciding
    Who give you this prize

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    wisewoman |  Posted on Jan 6th

    khloe, you are a strong and beautiful woman in the inside as well as the outside just wanted to let you know that its ok to be sad I’ve been there but some times u have to say enough is enough life must go on you could only do so much.

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    Mrsdraper88 |  Posted on Jan 7th

    You do us cancer signs proud girl.

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