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My Brother Brody’s Show ‘Bromance’ Premieres Tonight!!!

Hey guys.  Just wanted to remind all of you that my brother Brody’s new show Bromance is premiering tonight!!!  Watch the trailer below for a sneak peak at all the trouble Brody and his boys will be getting into.

So don’t miss Bromance tonight at 9:00 pm on MTV!!!

Check out Brody’s official site for more info on the show!

Don’t Forget About Our New Year’s Eve Party In Vegas!!!

Hey guys.  Just a reminder that my sisters and I are hosting a New Year’s Eve party at LAX Nightclub in Vegas tomorrow night.  So be sure to stop by if you’re going to be in town — the party starts at 8:00 pm and tickets are $150. 

I hope to see some of you tomorrow night!!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

Hey dolls.  So 2008 is inching closer to an end, so I just wanted to take this opportunity to tell all of you to have an amazing new year and be safe tonight!

I hope everyone’s 2008 was a year to remember but let’s all try our best to make 2009 a year filled with happiness, good fortune, and no regrets! 

I hope to see some of you tonight at LAX nightclub in Vegas where my sisters and I will be hosting the NYE party there.

Don’t forget to fill me in on all of your New Year’s plans!

Happy New Year!!!!!  xoxo

Pics From Christmas Morning

Here are a few shots of me and the fam in our matching pj’s. This year my MJ (grandma) got us
more girly pj’s so the boys were not included, but here are all of us
girls. Corny, yes, but hey…it is tradition! LOL. 

I hope you like the pics!!!

Double Whammy Sunday Movie: The Santa Clause and Home Alone

I wanted to do a Christmas-related Sunday Post since we’re all probably still in the Christmas spirit!  On Christmas Eve, Rob, Adrienne and I first watched The Santa Clause, and then we watched Home Alone

We love watching The Santa Clause because we always say that Tim Allan’s son in the movie looks EXACTLY like Rob when he was little.  Rob was such a cutie!! 

Watch this trailer to see what the movie is all about (that is, if you haven’t already seen it) and then tell me if you think the little boy looks like Rob.

And as for Home Alone, I’m sure you know what that one is all about. It’s one of my favorite movies of all time and it never ever gets old. Macaulay Culkin stars in it — my god was he cute when he was younger!!!

Home Alone, which came out in 1990, is about a little boy who gets left behind when his family goes on Christmas Vacation. Trouble ensues when two burglars realize a child is alone in a huge house and they plan to rob it. But little do they know that Kevin (Macaulay Culkin’s character) is more than prepared. Watch the trailer to see more!

What movies do you like to watch with your family on Christmas?

My Family’s 2008 Christmas Eve Party!

Here are some pics of our annual Christmas Eve party I always talk about. All of our loved ones came out, including Santa. I love that Brandon and his fiance Leah came, and so did Burt. With all 10 kids, now that we are older, it is hard to see each other as often as we would like to but they did stop by which always makes us smile!

We all had so much fun! So many peeps came! Yayyy!

I hope you all had a merry Christmas! xoxo

Kylie’s Christmas Dance!

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, I know I did! I just wanted to a share a video of my little sister Kylie and her BFF Maddy dancing to Christmas music. They put on a performance for everyone at our Christmas Eve party. They look like twins — they are so cute!


Me and Malika in Minnesota

Malika and I went to Minnesota this past weekend — it was -10 degrees there. I have NEVER in my life been in such freezing weather and Malika has never seen snow in her adult life so it was really cool to do that with her.

We went to visit some friends there and we had a ball. Just want to show you guys a cute little pic I took!

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

Hey dolls. So it’s Christmas morning and I just thought it would be really fun to share these silly photos of me, my sisters, and my mom.  Every year we wake up at 6am and wear matching PJ’s and open presents — then we all cook breakfast and lounge around all day in our identical PJ’s.  LOL.  We need rest from the party the night before!  So that’s pretty much the plan for today!  I’ll post photos for you soon.

I hope all of you have an absolutely fabulous Christmas and don’t forget to relax and enjoy this special time that you get to spend with your loved ones! xoxo

Looking forward to hearing about all of your Christmas fun!

Courtney Love Has It All Wrong

Courtney Love took to her blog to say some really horrible things about my brother Rob and our family.  I included the post Kim put up on her site below — it is basically a statement from our entire family.

“Courtney Love wrote a disturbing blog this morning that is obviously very untrue…

Ms. Love immaturely called my brother Rob names and accused him of physically assaulting her “employee” at Hyde nightclub, breaking his nose.


A lot of what she wrote doesn’t even make much sense and doesn’t follow a clear train of thought… At one point  she says Brody was there too and that someone yelled discriminatory expletives against gay people, but I honestly can’t figure out who she is accusing because her writing is so bad.

All I know is that both Brody and Rob didn’t do anything close to what Ms. Love has described.

My entire family’s response is this:
We are so saddened to hear that someone is blogging this insanity on Christmas Eve. Everything this apparently unstable person writes is obviously untrue and we will forward this terrible nonsense to our attorneys. Merry Christmas!